Smile #2 ~ Scented Candles

2 Jan

I don’t know what it is about a scented candle lighting up a dark corner that evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, especially in the bitter cold days of winter. Maybe it’s the hypnotizing flicker of the flame, or the heady, sweet scent of the melting wax conjuring up memories of days past. Whatever it is, it brings a warm smile to my face whenever I light one.

In fall and winter, I tend to favor candles with scents that smell as though they’re loaded in calories — Amish Cookie, Banana Bread, English Toffee, Toasted Macaroon —  and I’m a sucker for anything labeled “Grandma’s Kitchen.” During the long, hot days of spring and summer, if I burn a candle at all, I’ll switch over to a lighter, cleaner fragrance. Something fruity maybe, or a scent with the word “Rain” in the title. But the moment the mums start to bloom and the temperature dips below 60 degrees for a daytime high, I’m back in sugar-scented heaven.

I could spend hours at a craft fair, hopping from table to table, cracking open the lids of the jelly jars filled with hand-poured wax, debating which fragrance to take home with me. Blueberry Muffin… mmm…. Cappuccino… no, wait… Apple Butter! Oh, my! By the end of the day, my nose is in ecstasy, husband has grown bored and wandered outside to chat with the guy making Kettle Corn, and I’m lugging around an armload of heavy bags of clinking Mason jars because it’s impossible to select just one. I have the same problem when the boys bring home The Barn Candle Company fundraisers for school. I could very easily finance not only their field trip, but also a new gym and an entire fleet of school buses with my candle purchases if I happened to be hungry that day. They all sound so yummy!

My house is currently filled with the warm, detectable glow of Creme Brulee. How about yours?


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