Smile #5 ~ 68 Degrees… in January!

5 Jan

My post is going to be really short and sweet today because amazing weather like today’s happens… well, never! At least not in January in Nebraska! The sun is shining, wind is calm, and the high for the day was 68 degrees. SIXTY-EIGHT! Our average high on Jan 5th is 34 degrees. I’ll spare you the math, but that’s double the average high.  Time to break out the shorts and tan up my blinding-white winter legs. Ha ha! Just kidding. I’ll wait until April to unleash these pasty puppies on the world. I did open the windows the instant I can home from work though. Love fresh air!

Of course, the weather was a hot topic of conversation for everyone, but this was the best line I heard all day:

“A day like this truly is a gift from God.”

“No, I have a feeling someone else had a hand in it — You wouldn’t believe all the trouble I’ve been itching to get into since I’ve stepped outside!!”  🙂

Even if this day is the devil’s doing, I hope you all are enjoying a little bit of  sunshine and warmth wherever you are!


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