Excuses, Excuses

14 Jan

Well, I made it twelve days without breaking my New Year’s resolution of posting every day about something that makes me smile. But then Friday the 13th did me in.

I did post yesterday, but it was not about a smile. In fact, what I posted was actually quite depressing to write. I get a little too deep into my characters sometimes, and that character in particular tends to suck all the happy right out of me. I could come up with a million more excuses — I was cleaning my disaster of a house, I had a headache, work has been draining my brain — yadda yadda. All of it true, but none of it a reason not to smile.

I probably did smile yesterday. Once. I think. I don’t remember for sure. I was pretty crabby.

My house is still a bit of a disaster, the kids are exceptionally loud, the television in the background even louder. I missed supper because I got called into work. Blake Shelton’s in town and I’m not within kissing distance. Yeah, I’m still kinda cranky. But when I look at these two furry faces, both of them stubbornly refusing to get out of my chair, I can’t help but roll my eyes at how damn cute they are.

And smile.



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